Quilt Auction

Featuring beautiful handmade quilts by quilting groups, individuals, businesses and volunteers. Quilts of all sizes, colors, new and gently used as well as quilted items will be featured.

If you would like to donate new quilts or quilted items contact Hospice & Community Care at (717) 295-3900.
Please share this information with others in the community who may be interested in donating.

A listing of quilts up for bid will be added to this page regularly.

NEW – Trip Around the World – 42 x 63Multi-Color
USED – Design Unknown – 74×104Pink, White, Blue
USED – Floral Cross Stitch – 86×87White, Multi-Color
NEW – Pinwheel – 52×69Yellow, White
NEW – Log Cabin – 64×86Purple, White
USED – Sunshine & Shadow – 33×51White, Multi-Color
USED – Trip Around the World – 90×108Black, Red, Purple, Green
USED – Sailor’s Compass – 89×102Green, Blue, White


Thank you to our Quilt Auction sponsor: