Amish Volunteers Give Back to Hospice at Labor Day Auction, Serve Up Smorgasbord of Food

Mary Ellen Wright | Staff Writer

Lancaster Newspapers, August 31, 2019

If you attend the annual Hospice & Community Care Labor Day Auction on Monday, you’ll notice a huge variety of items up for bid, from sports memorabilia to vacation packages.

You’ll see and smell a smorgasbord of breakfast and lunch items and baked goods for sale.

You’ll also notice a large Amish presence among the volunteers at the event.

“You walk into the auction, and it’s a sea of Amish,” says Bonnie Jess Lopane, vice president for development and community relations for Hospice & Community Care.

The Amish use end-of-life hospice services in their homes, Lopane explains, and volunteer in large numbers at the annual fundraiser as a way of giving back to the organization, Lopane says.

“This is one way that they can support hospice and the care it provides,” Lopane says.

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